What the hell? A burger costs 5$?

Come on, choomba! The economy melted down. You’re lucky you’re eating!

Prices in 2040 – Columbus, GA

Bottle of Coke 3eb
Candy Bar 4eb
Fast Food Meal 12eb
Restaurant Meal 90eb
Gallon of CHOO2 10eb
Taxi Ride: 5 Miles 30eb
T-Shirt 45eb
1-Carat Diamond 10,000eb
Economy Car 45,0000eb
9mm Handgun 1300eb
Pack of Cigarettes 12eb
DVD Player 150eb
DVD 5eb
1 Bedroom Efficiency 1200eb/Month
2 Bedroom House 350,000eb
Ammunition, 9mm (50) 100eb
Kevlar Jacket 600eb
Laptop 5000eb
Movie Admission 25eb
Utilities 500eb per month

Editor’s Note: “eb” stands for eurobucks. The euro is the most common, stable currency of 2030.


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